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Jessica modeling 2019 art museum dark gothic

photo by Kerasan Lamar

My name is Jessica Libor, and I’m an artist, primarily an oil painter.  I’m also committed to leading a creative life that’s joyful, and sharing that journey with you!  This blog is about exploring ways to curate a life as an artist that is fulfilling and artistic.

I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA. I have studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and also at various classical ateliers.  I am also the founder of Era Contemporary Gallery, and the Visionary Artist’s Salon.

You can see my work and view my upcoming schedule of shows by visiting my website at www.jessicalibor.com.

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Jessica Libor

Visual Artist

7 thoughts on “About Jessica”

  1. Love the new blog and website! Very well done and a great inspiration to all who read and follow your outstanding work. Love, Putty.

  2. You are already changing the world!!

  3. Very helpful and inspiring words and thoughts about graduation! How did you vote?

  4. Hi Jessica 🙂 I love the idea behind your blog – so unique and inspiring!
    xx Eliane

  5. Just found your blog. I put on hold my love of painting way back at 18 and took a different career path, but this year at 50 I moved to France and want to resurrect my first passion.

    Your site is full of kind words for establishing new beginnings and I am looking forward to being inspired and reassured that art is a worthy pastime.


    • Jessica Libor said:

      Hi Judi! Thank you for the kind words. That is amazing that you moved to France and are pursuing your passion! I will check out your work!

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