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At a glance: a new video up including my first dance film “Forest, Awake!”. my exploration of dance and film at the Muses artist residency, painting at the chateau, and reveling in the beauty of the French countryside.

My journey to France to dance with the Muses– all photos and videos by Jessica Libor

As I write, I am recovering from one of the most lovely and creative times in my life. I am back in the states, but my spirit is still somewhere in France!

  This  summer trip had two purposes:

1) An artist retreat in Normandy

2) A solo exhibition of my paintings in Paris

I was gone a total of four weeks, and experienced so much that it is hard to put into words.  But, I tried to convey the magic of the first week in the photos included and a video I made about the experience!  This video only covers the first TWO DAYS of the residency with The Muses Atlas, so you can imagine I will have many more films to share with you! 

Click here to watch the video I created, including a special dance piece that I choregraphed and composed the music for.  This piece is something I have thought about doing for about 2 years, and finally was able to realize with the right people in the right place.  It is about Spring coming to the forest, and the girl’s dance moves are meant to encapsulate the growth of plants in the Spring.

I am so grateful to have experienced this trip, and explored more of my creativity beyond painting.
During the residency, I opened my creativity to dance, to musical composing, to writing and to film, in addition to painting and drawing.  It challenged me in new ways, and I can’t wait to share more with you!

My artwork created for and while in France will be available to you very soon, just photographing and putting it together to present to you, my lovely collectors! 

Thank you as always for coming along for the journey!

With creativity, 

Jessica Libor
Visual Artist