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Today, I woke up in the land of fairies, leprechauns and enchantment, surrounded by the emerald green of Ireland.  I am here exploring this mystical island for the next few days, seeing castles and the wild rocky cliffs of the coastline, haunted manors and tale-as-old-as-time libraries full of ancient books.  I am already in love with the verdant landscape, wild horses and patchwork of green farms that I saw on my way in. 

I promise I will write more this week as my adventure unfolds, but for now I wanted to let you know that I will be creating five (5) artworks while I am here in Ireland this week.  They will be small works, 6″ x 8″, using ink and watercolor, similar in style to my piece above (“The Brave Adventuress”, 2019).  The subject matter will range from castles to mythical creatures to verdant, textured landscapes! 

This week has been one of renewed inspiration and creativity!  I’ve experienced the magic and wild beauty of Ireland, and my time here is not over yet.
    I’m excited to share with you a short video I made documenting the first three days of my trip, including the creation of one of my Irish Mystery Paintings and a windy, beautiful trip to the coast!  Click here or on the image above to share in the experience.

If you would like to order your own Emerald Isle Mystery Painting, click here!

As with the French Mystery Paintings before, those who purchase an Emerald Isle Mystery Painting will receive a private email a few days after my trip (the week of October 22nd) with pictures of the pieces I made.  Then, collectors will have the chance to respond and claim which piece they would like, first come first serve.  

With creativity and gratefulness,

Jessica Libor
Visual Artist