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    In my last post, I talked about the challenges that a feminine artist might face as she builds her art career and life.  If you missed that, you can read it here on my blog.

    However, the feminine artist also has so many strengths and advantages!  First of all, what is a feminine artist?  We all have masculine and feminine aspects within us, but if you have predominantly feminine energy in your artwork you might feel:

1. Sensitive to your environment
2. Feel your emotions deeply
3. Make art that means a lot to you, and reflects your heart
4. Are drawn to depicting “soft” subjects in your art, like florals, fashion, love, and beauty
5. You are more drawn to being absorbed in your art and creation, and marketing, numbers and strategy is something you avoid or overwhelms you
6. What is going on in your life and the world affects you and your artwork

If that’s you, you’re in good company!   I believe the advantages outweigh the challenges of being a feminine artist.  The feminine strength is a quiet strength; like the roots of a tree, our strength is anchored in a deep well of subtle power, that eventually grows to become seen and admired, almost like a surprise.  There isn’t a lot of noise…until there is massive flowering.  So what are some of our unique gifts?

First, femininity is magnetic.  It isn’t all about pink and ruffles, either!  The essence of a feminine energy is an exquisite acceptance of herself and her work, a deep knowing of the worth of what she makes and who she is.  Think of a beautiful flower blooming in your backyard.  She is so fragrant, the colors so perfect, her petals so welcoming that the bees are naturally drawn to her.  She doesn’t have to chase them down. 

This analogy is true in all aspects of life, but if we use it for the art world, think of how an artist with something really special going on in her work is a magnet for opportunities.  She doesn’t have to chase or beg press to write her up, or show up at another person’s exhibition to try to talk to the gallery owner.   

But that flower still took action by blooming her best in a place where the bees could find her.   Likewise, feminine energy artists can blossom in their work, and let it be seen: on the internet, by sending introductory emails, by engaging in opportunities, by showing up and simply being present.  But she does so with a deep inner knowledge that her work is worthy, NOT to gain acceptance or prove anything.   She shines, and lets her work be seen, so that opportunities that are WORTHY OF HER can be magnetized to her.

Secondly, feminine artistry is deeply creative.  Of course all artists are creative, but feminine creativity especially in females is encoded in our DNA.  We are literally equipped to create souls, if not in the literal sense, then in birthing our creations. 

We have a natural propensity to lean into our creations and put our heart and soul into them.  The feminine artist’s work often is full of curved lines, unexpected textures and a beautiful, intricate look to it.  This is a mirror of her mind and heart, and the more you let open that door of freedom to your creativity, the more striking and powerful your imagery will become. 

The key is TRUST, trusting your inner psyche that you always have more depths of unexplored creativity that grows more powerful the more you use it.

Third, feminine energy is full of powerful archetypes and enduring story.  Just look at the stories and fairy tales that resonate with cultures all over the world and don’t go away, that always center on a female protagonist.  We do not always embody the princess (although I’m not gonna lie, it’s one of my favorite archetypes!) Feminine archetypes include the Queen, the Teacher, the Princess, the Angel, the Servant, the Heroine, the Crone, the Witch, the Healer, the Saint, the Virgin, the Fallen Woman, and more with almost endless variations of this. 

These archetypes are repeated in stories throughout the ages and have been embedded in our psyche.  And although none of us is just one of these things, it can be helpful to take some of the powerful stories and imagery of these characters that you identify with, and incorporate it in your business and persona as a feminine artist.

Imagine LEANING INTO the archetypes you like to strengthen your art, your luminosity in the art world, and your understanding of human behaviors around feminine lore…that persist up until modern day!  And, you get to create your own story around your archetypes.

Red Riding Hood, by Jessica Libor

By leaning into your favorite archetypes, you can create a more striking and enduring feeling around your art that will linger in the mind.

I will be digging more deeply into Archetypes in my expansive course especially made for feminine, contemporary realist artists that will be launching soon!  If you are interested in getting on the waitlist (no commitment, you’ll just be the first to be notified when it goes live!) you can click HERE.

There are so many more benefits to being a feminine artist, and I just wanted to encourage you that you are not alone; that your femininity can be your strength, if you embrace it.

Have a wonderful week!

With love, light, and creativity,

Jessica Libor
Artistic Coach
The Visionary Artist’s Salon

Most artwork used with permission from the Birmingham Museum of Art