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 In a few weeks, I will be opening a new course that will be my most comprehensive course yet, especially for feminine, contemporary realist artists who are ready to make the next three months a flowering and growth like never before of their artistic practice and career. This course is open to both men and women but is written for people who create in an emotional, feminine, way in their art.

 I have experienced first hand the unique challenges that feminine, empathetic people face in the art world.  Some of these setbacks are self imposed, and others are external.  Tell me, have you ever felt like this?

1. You find yourself struggling to share your work because it is so close to your heart and emotional to you.  You fear being hurt if you expose yourself.

2. You are drawn to representing pretty things, love painting fashion, romance, motherhood and other “soft” subjects, that you fear the art world will never take seriously, but that touch your heart and bring you joy.

3. You are overwhelmed with the business side of art. When it comes to taxes, keeping inventory, marketing and advertising, you would rather just go back to the studio, put on some beautiful music and get lost in your painting again.  You feel like you’re not good at that stuff. ( Or is it that you have just been socialized to believe that? )

4.  You struggle with pricing your work over a certain price point because it then crosses the threshold into making serious money.  
( Is my art worth that? What if I make more than my partner and am no longer the feminine one? What if someone tells me it’s not worth that much? What if I intimidate people? Will people laugh at me? I will no longer be a cute, approachable artist if I ask people to pay this much! )

5. You struggle with feeling like you have to choose between a traditional family or a soaring career. 

6.  You feel like you never have enough time to expand your career because you are taking care of other people and things, and have given so much of yourself in other areas.

(Above) Portrait of Fanny Eaton, be Simeon Solomon

7.  Sometimes you feel like your desire to have a great, successful career is selfish.

8.  You often damper down your femininity in life and in your art because you do not want to appear silly, especially in a male-dominated art world.

9.  Sometimes you struggle to take yourself and your ambitions seriously because you have been brought up to believe that art is not a serious profession.

10.  You feel things very deeply, whether that be your cycle each month, the fluctuations within your family or romantic relationship, and world events, all of which impact and sometimes immobilize your creativity.

If you recognize yourself in any of these things, just know that you are not alone.  I have spoken to many feminine people who have felt these unique challenges. 

  But, we ALSO have unique strengths in the art world that are invaluable, which I will be covering in my next letter!

In the meantime, if this course sounds like it is of interest to you, please join the waiting list to be kept abreast of all developments (you can join the waitlist HERE, with no commitment of any kind).

I would also love to hear from you.  What unique struggles have you faced as a feminine artist? Do these challenges resonate with you? What have I left out?

Sending you light, love, and creativity,

Jessica Libor
Artist and Artistic Coach
The Visionary Artist’s Salon

Drawings in this email are from the Birmingham Museum of Art, used with permission.