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There’s something so special about the start of a new year.  Mistakes erased, we get to start anew with fresh hope and a renewed vision for who we would like to be.  But here’s the thing… this year will only be different for you if you step into the version of you that you’ve been holding back before!

Can you picture who that person is? Can you see the energy and excitement around this new version of you, stepping into belief that their artistic vision is possible?  How does it feel when you imagine your most ideal situation?

Much of my coaching work for artists is centered around two teachings: 

The first is that you and your artwork are already worthy.
The second is that others take their cues from you as to where you belong in the art world.  You are in charge of how much you sell your work for, how you present it, and what you create!

In this spirit of these two teachings, I recently released a podcast this weekend about the magical, powerful step of organizing your art career.  When you do this, you tell the world, I am ready. I am serious. I am worthy. I am beginning as I would like to go on. 

The different sectors I talk about are organizing your physical work, organizing your inventory system, your collector records, and your revenue and expenses!  I challenge you to think of these not as administrative tasks, but as ways to show your beautiful, cherished, precious artwork HONOR.  This sends a magical chain reaction from you to anyone you come into contact with that you believe your artwork is worth keeping track of, worth honoring, and worth taking seriously.  If you want your work to end up in a museum…a beautiful way to have your work honored and cherished…let’s start by honoring your work and showing its value within your studio!

To listen to the Inspired Painter Podcast, episode Episode 32: Organizing Your Art Career, click here!

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With light, love and creativity,

ps–If you’d like to start the year off with a beautifully focused course on finding your unique artistic voice,click here!