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The leaves are falling and turning gorgeous colors, but the cold weather has begun to settle in.  The air is crisp and at night you may smell bonfires drifting on the air under the stars.  We are in the heart of autumn!
This has always been for me a time to turn inward, and take stock of how my creativity and artistic goals for the year are going. This year has obviously been very different and challenging, but I take comfort in the fact that we can control our own little corner of the world…for me, my home and studio.

By making my time at home and in the studio as comforting and pleasurable as I can, I create a little oasis of respite from the world. The warmth of lit candles adds a pretty glow, pretty rocks I pick up on my daily walks are arranged artfully, and incense fills the air. I listen to lilting music to put me in a good mood (current fave playlist is French Cafe on Spotify!).

I’ve been taking rambling walks near my studio and marveling at the golden leaves falling against the blue sky. So much beauty in every phase of the year! In my studio, I’ve begun working on a series of paintings for a solo show in April called Wildlove. More details to come as we get closer to the date!

I’ve also been focusing on something quite different, abstract pieces for a pre-holiday collection along with a line of wearable clothing. More details to come this month!

In other news, The Mythical Sea collection of available work on my website will be retiring soon. There are still a few pieces available, so take a look and see if you would like to snatch anything before it’s gone! Click here to shop.

Until next week, wishing you gentle and peaceful days,