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Hello friends, I am excited to let you know that my piece “Prima Donna”, is being exhibited at the Da Vinci Art Alliance for their exhibition “Artist, Reader, Writer II.”  This is a very unique exhibition that pairs the artwork of many different artists with a passage from literature of the artist’s choosing.  As for “Prima Donna”, I chose a passage from The Phantom of the Opera, as it reminded me of a scene from the story.


Prima Donna, oil and gold leaf on panel, by Jessica Libor


If you are interested in collecting this piece please send me an email at jlibor@jessicalibor.com.

Artist, Reader, Writer II is a DVAA Members-only exhibition that explores the relationship between the written word and visual art through an exercise of comparison. Each artist submitted two items: an original artwork of their own creation, and a short accompanying text displayed next to their work of art that is not of their own creation. The union formed between the two objects creates a new conceptual relationship, altering the experience of viewing artwork with the addition of written language. The relationships formed through these pairings offer context, juxtapose, balance, obscure, and generate new meaning.

DVAA gallery shot



The opening for the exhibition is on Wednesday, January 28th from 6 to 8pm at the Da Vinci Art Alliance, at 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia.  The show is up until February 16th, so it’s a perfect art happening for Valentine’s day!  To learn more about the show and gallery, visit here.

The participating artists are as follows: Alessandra Stradella, Angelo Benedetto, Annie Stone, Arlene Solomon, Barbara B. Rosin, Barbara Dirnbach, Catherine Bancroft, David Deakin, Deirdre Doyle, Don Gordon, Eddy Rhenals, Edward W Keer, Eleanor Levie, Ellen Rosenberg, Erika Kuciw, Florence Weisz, Floyd Kelley, Gary Grissom, Gillian Cavoto, Gloria Klaiman, Harriet Hill, Irving Sears, Jennifer Brinton Robkin, Jessica Libor, Jill Cucci Smith, Jim Strickler, Joellyn Ross, Juli Snyder, Kenneth Veith, Kit Donnelly, Lauren J. Sweeney, Leslie K. Brill, Linda Dubin Garfield, Linnie Greenberg, Marilyn Stubblebine, Mario Nascati, Maryanne Buschini, Nancy E Cooke, Ona Kalstein, Patricia Mancini, Penelope Tsaltas Lisk, Phyllis Anderson, Polly Kooperman, Rachael Switalski, Reyna Howkins, Robert Zurer, Rosalind Bloom, Sally K. Eisenberg, Sam Koren, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, Sarah R. Bloom, Selene Nunez Cruz, Susan Cantor-Uccelletti, Susan M. Gordon, Ted Warchal, Tony Anthony, Vicente Ortiz Cortez, Willard Johnson, and William Timmins.