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Jessica teaching picture

Everyone has creativity within them.  The creative process has two parts: the impulse of inspiration, and problem solving on the paper or canvas.  Tonight’s class at the Main Line Art Center I was able to share with students this process.  First, through a “flow” inducing exercise, students were able to experience what the inspiration and joy of creativity feels like, without worrying about the outcome.  Then, we learned more technical aspects of drawing like line, value and composition; all of the problem solving that is done within the bounds of the canvas or paper!  Here I am with some of the drawings I’ve made in ink, charcoal and graphite.  Drawing is a learnable skill; what makes the best drawings is a marriage of life within the marks and technical proficiency.  Everyone has life within them; you just need to give yourself permission for your hand to let it out on the paper.  And anything technical is just like any other skill, able to be learned!

There are still some spots open in my classes I teach this summer and fall at the Main Line Art Center.  Go to the website to register and see what is open!

I also teach semi-privately in my studio on Mondays from 2-4pm in Philadelphia.  If you’re interested in these sessions that help you privately to reach your artistic goals, please send me an email at jlibor@jessicalibor.com.