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“All of life’s a stage, and we are merely players.” —Shakespeare. Decide who you want to be today, and be her. This helped me today while giving a talk to students at Rowan College about art, curating and structuring your life as a creative. It was my first time giving a full length lecture to students and I was a little nervous! What helped was actually thinking about the things I really wanted these students to know. I tried to put myself in their shoes as soon to graduate artists, and impart every useful tip I could about the artist life. Although I certainly don’t know it all and learn more every day, I’m hopeful what I did have to say was helpful to someone. One point in the talk was about loving your work. You really gotta love each piece. Put your heart and soul into it, and truly believe it’s something you’re proud of. When you do, other people will recognize the value you put on your own work and respond to it. A big thanks to Michelle Haberll who organized this talk and is a fabulous teacher and artist in her own right! Photo is from the mysterious interior of Philadelphia’s City Hall, dress from Free People.