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I’m a big fan of organic food, organic farming, organic painting, and organic beauty.  Since I have a beauty background I thought I would do a little review on some all-natural lipsticks I’ve been wanting to try.  If you do ONE organic, natural purchase in makeup, it’s wise to make it your lipstick, because most women will ingest it during the day with normal wear.  I knew RMS is completely all natural, so I headed to Blue Mercury to try out the RMS Wild With Desire line of lipsticks.

Below is me sans-lipstick!

While I was there, I decided to try the Ilia line as well, also an all-natural, organic line.  The lady there was very helpful and I ended up trying three colors–two from RMS and one from Ilia.  The first one I tried was called “Pretty Vacant” by RMS.  You can see it below.

I liked how pigmented this pink was and how it was a soft, perfect rose without being to bright or too muted.  It went on almost like a matte lipstick and felt like it would stay on for a long time.

The second lipstick I tried was also by RMS, called “Jezebel.”  It was a darker cherry red, with the same matte feel and finish as the first.  I felt like it might be good for the fall. You can see it below.

The third lipstick I tried was from Ilia, called “Blossom Lady.”  I liked this one very much.  It was more subtle than the RMS shades, and more shiny.  I liked the way it looked very glowy, but felt it might wear off more quickly. You can see it on me below.

In the end, I went with my first pick “Pretty Vacant” from the RMS Wild with Desire line.  I felt confident it would wear well, and I loved the color!  If I were going to get a second, thought, I would go back for Ilia’s “Blossom Lady” for a more lowkey look.

I’ve found my summer shade!  If you’d like to try them out I’m listing the three lipsticks below with links.  Enjoy! xo, Jessica

RMS Wild with Desire Lipstick “Pretty Vacant”

RMS Wild with Desire Lipstick “Jezebel”

Ilia Lipstick “Blossom Lady”