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Today I began copying a Fragonard painting.  Copying is a centuries old tradition in that it helps an artist understand composition, color, and form, especially if an artist is trying to learn certain techniques from that master.  I chose this piece to copy because I am interested in the coloring, brushwork and composition that Fragonard uses.

First, I washed the linen with a mix of ultramarine blue and green, using Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Colors, very thinly, diluted with odorless turpenoid.

Next, I began sketching out the forms using burnt umber and a small brush, also diluted with mineral spirits.

From there, I began painting from the back to the front of the painting (from the background to the foreground).

First the darks, then the lights, getting progressively more detailed.

Part 2 to come!

Jessica Libor