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This November at “The Rock School,” a prominent performing arts school in central Philadelphia, an organization called Young Involved Philadelphia will host its 7th Annual State of Young Philly at annual Civic Engagement Fair.  Attendees  will have the opportunity to meet and greet with dozens of organizations representing the most innovative non-profit, governmental and advocacy groups in Philadelphia. These innovative non profits help to make Philadelphia a better place for all by providing for different unique needs of people groups within the Philadelphia region.
Each participating organization will have representatives present to introduce you to their organization’s mission, tell you about their upcoming events, and recruit new volunteers and committee members.

The Young Involved Philadelphia organization will be partnering with Students Helping Students to collect supplies for local public school. Attendees are encouraged to bring a donation of Dry Erase Markers, White Copy Paper, Notebooks, etc. with them.

The Young Involved Philadelphia group is a nonprofit organization that promotes active citizenship and emerging leadership among young Philadelphians.  YIP strives to:

  • Engage young citizens through opportunities to explore Philadelphia and participate in civic affairs
  • Connect young Philadelphians and local civic groups
  • Represent young people by strengthening channels of communication with the city’s leadership

I have been to this event last year when they hosted it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and found it stimulating and inspiring to talk to so many people and organizations who are doing good for the city.  The location that they choose for the event it always beautiful and encompasses the arts.  Please consider looking into the Young Involved Philadelphia to see how you can be a voice for your city.  Follow this link to their website to take a look: http://younginvolvedphila.org/