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Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves to create the life we want to live.  We are in the driver’s seat of how our lives go.  If you want to be successful, what are you doing to create that success?  Van Gogh said, “Great things are made up of a series of little things.”

But, behind those little things is intention.  The little things add up to something big if you are focused.  The thing is to realize that you, and only you, are capable and responsible for directing your actions.  It is no one’s fault but yours.  Your success or failure, your job, where you live, how you care for your body, the people you choose to spend time with…when you look in the mirror, it is all the choices you have made that led you to the life you have.

Yes, there are things that happen to us that are outside our control.  Tragedies happen.  But what matters is what you do with them–your attitude.  You have been given this time and this life, now it is your responsibility to yourself to make it what you wish.  No one will hand you your dream life, so it is wise to stop waiting, and start creating.

As Lera Auerbach quips in her book Excess of Being, “I’m not concerned about my actions.  It’s my inactions that worry me.”

So go do that thing, and watch the magic happen when action begins.

You are capable of more than you know.