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Wow, it’s the new year already!  It seems like it has flown by.  So much has happened in the last twelve months, for growth and for good!  This year, some of the highlights were:

  1. Flipping a house–what an adventure that was!  Purchasing my first tiny home from the bank, and taking it from utterly unlivable to charming and clean!
  2. Moving into said house.
  3. Creating a studio in the attic there…where I’ve been spending most of my time recently!
  4. Traveling to Cancun, Mexico for the What If Creative Conference.
  5. Having great art shows at Rittenhouse Square, continuing to show at Bazemore Gallery, and being picked up by Gallery 22 in Philadelphia.
  6. Having an art show sponsored by Lord and Taylor.
  7. Continuing to create memories with family and friends.
  8. Seeing Taylor Swift live in concert (I’m now a fan!)
  9. Spending weekends painting at the beach
  10. Being an extra on set for the Vampire Diaries
  11. Sponsoring a child in the Philippines
  12. Learning the art of living intentionally

It’s been a great year full of unexpected surprises, risks, and rewards.  I’d like to thank my art loving collectors and supporters SO MUCH for being there for my art shows, supporting with kind words, and well wishes.  It means a lot!   After thinking about what I hope 2016 will include, a few of my goals are:

  1. Help more people.  This includes day to day life, but also a mindset shift in my work.  How can I be of service?  I hope this blog will become a tool through which I can help people in their artistic journey, through sharing knowledge and experiences.
  2. Engage in more activities besides art that will stimulate and broaden my mind.  In addition to paining, I’d like to write more, and explore acting, something I’ve enjoyed very much in high school and college.
  3. Travel somewhere I’ve never been.
  4. Live more intentionally.  For me, this means thinking before doing–does this align with my values and goals?  Will this help other people or enrich my life?  Time is the one commodity that cannot be bought or sold, so I would like this year to use it wisely and intentionally.
  5. Do more art, and better art.  By better, I mean more honest, more interesting.  For as Lera Auerbach writes in Excess of Being, “There is no progress in art…The music of Stravinsky is not better than Mozart’s; Mozart is not better than Bach; Picasso is not better than Rembrandt.  There is no progress–only linguistic and stylistic changes reflecting the times.”  This I agree with from a historical perspective.  However, I do believe in personal betterment–I think that I have a better version of my art within me yet unexpressed.

What are some of your goals for 2016?  I would love to hear about them!  Thank you again for the part you’ve played in my year, even as you read this–you’re a supporter.    Happy 2016 everyone, have a magical start to your new year!




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