Tableau, oil on panel, 8"x10", Jessica Libor 2014

Tableau, oil on panel, 8″x10″, Jessica Libor 2014

I made a new painting.  It’s called “Tableau” and is 8″x10″, and is oil on panel.

I started sketching images in my notebook a few weeks ago without having any references.  This is one of the images that came out, and I decided to make a painting about it.

I was so excited by the freedom that this practice brought about that I think I’ll incorporate it into my practice–the “free drawing”, without expectation or plan.  I have heard of free writing before, but never thought to apply it to drawing.  I suppose it’s stream of consciousness drawing.  There are a few other artists who work this way–namely Julie Heffernan, whose work I greatly admire for its beauty and originality.

The background of “Tableau” is influenced by the Rococo artist Fragonard, the same gentleman who painted the famous kitsch painting “The Swing.”

“Tableau” will be on display at my thesis exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts during the Annual Student Exhibition.