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Jessica Libor 2014

Suspended, oil and silver leaf on board, 16″x20″, Jessica Libor 2014

Above is a piece I’ve been working on over break, and just finished the day before school started up again.  It’s called “Suspended” and is oil on panel, with the sky and petals on the ground genuine silver leaf, and accents like the fruit and belt on the female gilded in 23 karat gold.  It’s 16″x20″ in size.

Technically, the piece is influenced by thinking about the Rococo painters, particularly Fragonard, but also the hyper realistic approach to nature that the Pre-Rahaelite painters utilized.  Conceptually, I was thinking about the beauty but also the underlying tension that can exist between romantic partners.

On to the next piece!  Below, a little preview of a large work I’m working on.

Jessica Libor 2014

“Attainment”, a 4 ft by 6 ft painting in progress by Jessica Libor, 2014