The Call, oil and gold leaf on panel, 36"x48", Jessica Libor 2013

The Call, oil and gold leaf on panel, 36″x48″, Jessica Libor 2013

“The Call” is my most recently completed painting.  It is 36″x48″ oil paint and gold accents on panel.  This was so much fun to work on at every step of the way.  I was thinking about Waterhouse’s glazing methods throughout the painting process, but also working in  sections of more impasto painting and echoes of Byzantine stylization.  It is based loosely on the historical narritive of Joan of Arc, at the moment where she hears voices and sees a vision from God to help her country, France.





I also drew inspiration from Jules’ Joan of Arc painting, which I got the chance to see at the Met last month!  BastienLepage_Jules_Joan_Of_Arc

In addition I found the history behind the story of Joan of Arc pretty incredible.  Delving into the background of the story, I found this letter signed by her own hand.  November 9th, 1429, with her forces’ weaponry and other supplies severely depleted following months of successful fighting,  Joan of Arc dictated and signed the following letter to the population of Riom in the hope of rounding up replenishments in time for the Seige of La Charite. Approximately 17 years of age and illiterate, Jeanne was more determined than ever to assist Charles VII in his battle to rid France of the English, but ample reinforcements never arrived and this particular siege was abandoned. Luckily however, the most important, pivitol battle had already been won.

Tragically, less than two years later, young Jeanne was sold to the English, found guilty of heresy and burnt at the stake.


Translated transcript follows:

Dear and good friends, you well know how the town of Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier was taken by assault, and with God’s help I intend to clear out the other places which are against the King. But because so much gunpowder, projectiles, and other war materials had been expended before this town, and because myself and the lords who are at this town are so poorly supplied for laying siege to La Charité, where we will be going shortly, I pray you, upon whatever love you have for the well-being and honor of the King and also all the others here, that you will immediately send and donate for the siege gunpowder, saltpeter, sulfur, projectiles, arbalestes and other materials of war. And do well enough in this matter that the siege will not be prolonged for lack of gunpowder and other war materials, and that no one can say you were negligent or unwilling. Dear and good friends, may Our Lord protect you. Written at Moulins the ninth day of November.