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I am excited to be a part of the annual Spring show, “Emergence”, at JAG Fine Art in downtown Philadelphia.  Join us on Friday, March 23, from 5pm to 8pm for a celebration of the new season and new work by artists such as Justin Bean, Jessica Libor, Ann Kullaf, and many more. Drinks and appetizers will be served.  The gallery is found at 1538 Pine Street (on the corner of Pine and 16th Street), Philadelphia, PA.  Hope to see you there!  Below, some of my new pieces included in the show, which you’ll get a chance to view in person and have the opportunity to purchase.  The show will be up during the months of March and April.

"Pale Fire", oil and gold leaf on board, 16"x20", Jessica Libor 2012

"Daughter of Eve", oil and silver leaf on board, 16"x20", Jessica Libor 2012

"Refuge", oil and silver leaf on board, 16"x20", Jessica Libor 2012

Anna of the Woods, oil on linen board, 10"x12", Jessica Libor 2012

"Ben", oil on linen board, 8"x10", Jessica Libor 2011

"Dreamscape 1", oil on canvas, 36"x48", Jessica Libor 2012

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